Deep Hole Drilling & Honing

Alloyance is the obvious choice when it comes to drilling round steel bar. In Alloyance we use advanced equipment and have the ability to work to the highest precision.

We can drill holes with a drilling range of 7 to 500 mm over lengths of up to 10 Meters.

Honing is included in the options, and here we are talking about: Diameters from Ø 19-450mm and lengths up to 10 Meters.

Below you will find an overview of the various material groups.


  • Group 1
    Aluminium, Aluminium Bronze, ST52, 2541, 4130, 420M, 4140, 4145, 8630

  • Group 2
    Duplex, 316L, 165M, 17/4 PH

  • Group 3
    Super dupex, NON MAG, F22, Super 13% CR 95KSl, Super 13% Cr 110ksi

  • Group 4
    INC 625, INC 718, INC 925, INC 945, Titanium Gr2, Titanium Gr5

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