Subsea Equipment


In Alloyance we possess state of the art assembly-facilities, for testing and also certifying the equipment.

Combined with the machining, welding & cladding capabilities and coating capacity we can manufacture a wide range of products.

For subsea we are amongst other products delivering:

  • Tubing Hanger Running Tool – THRT

  • Tubing Hanger Emergency Recovery Tool – THERT

  • Tubing Hanger Orientation Joint – THOJ

  • Tubing Hanger Handling Tool – THHT

  • Tubing Hanger Handling & Test Tool – THHTT

  • Tubing Hanger Space-out Measurement Tool – THSMT

  • XMT Handling Tool

  • XMT Handling & Test Tool

  • BOP Setting Stand

  • BOP Test Plug

  • Bore Protector

  • Dummy Tubing Hanger

  • Dummy Wellhead

  • Wellhead 18 3/4″

  • Mechanical Tree Cap

  • Conductor Housing

  • Clamp Connectors

  • Drilling & Release Tool

  • Soft Landing Cylinder

  • Torque Tools

  • Cutting Tool Laydown Clamp

  • Subsea Machining / Preparation Unit

  • Subsea Drilling Tool

  • Subsea Torque Limiter

  • Hub Inspection Tool

  • Basket for clamp release tool

  • Rough Necks

If you are looking for individual complex components or complete assemblies fully tested and certified, we will be your right one-stop manufacturing-partner.

We manufacture in accordance to our customers’ drawings, however, we can also assist with engineering if required.

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Pressure Vessels

Custom Made Pressure Vessels

They can be custom made or manufactured in longer series.

The long durability of the products and the capability to manufacture in various grades of materials, are some of the advantageous aspects.


EN13445, ASME Div VIII,

DNV 4.7 pressure vessels, IMDG

P235 / P355, AISI 316L, 22Cr Duplex,

Inconel 625, Titan gr 2 / 5

Pressure: from 0 bar to 300 bar.
Size: Diameter up to Ø 6000mm

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In Alloyance we can offer a series of facades tailor made for the customers in various projects. There is a focus on high quality and a practical product which is smooth to install.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and prices.

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Fire Proof Doors

One of the obvious advantage is the light weight, which again reduces costs in manufacturing, logistics and installation.

In the below mentioned links you can find the fire proof doors in         

45 kgs, 73 kgs, 79 kgs or 90 kgs / unit.

These doors have traditionally been installed offshore. However, they are also fit for purpose as tunnel safety equipment, and 600 units have been ordered for the world’s longest subsea tunnel, RYFAST, which is 14 km.

The Fire Proof Doors are manufactured to meet the requirements in:

Solas 74 (Safety of the Sea)

IMO 2010

FTP Code Part 3

Norsok Standard C-002

US Coast Guard Approved

Below you find datasheets for the type approved models:

Single light duty XFD-H-A60 TYPE 01
Single Light Duty XFD-H-A60-TYPE02
Single Medium Heavy Duty XFD-H-A60 Type 03
XFD H B15 Type 01


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Fertiliser Pumps

Jærbu Fertiliser Pumps

They are known for being easy to operate, long duration and non-complex maintenance.

A handy remote control is being offered as accessory for the equipment as well.

All Jærbu fertiliser pumps offer these excellent features:

  1. • Good agitation capacity

  2. • Simplicity of use

  3. • Flexible pump

  4. • Robust design

  5. • Long service life

  6. • Triangel quick release coupling (not VT-2)

  7. • Correct pump housing design, with screw feeder and centrifugal pump

  8. • Flexible agitator with 360° adjustment


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Customised Hydraulic Cylinders

We deliver cylinders with a piston diameter of 15 mm and up, with a working pressure up to 800 bar.

Some of the other technical aspects are:

  • Double-acting telescopic cylinders

  • Stainless steel materials for subsea use.

  • Development and engineering with CAD Inventor.

  • Manufacturing by own modern CNC machines.

  • Manual and robot welding (manipulator arm)

  • Assembly and testing.

  • Hydraulic cylinder servicing.

In the link to the catalogue below, you will find further information:

Catalogue Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinders

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Generators, filters, pumps, F&G & Nitrogen Units

Electrical-, automation- and control systems for offshore use worldwide with special focus on drilling & well solutions. We offer solutions that increase profitability and competitiveness by improving productivity, quality and system capacities both for project execution and operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Norsok z-015 inspection

  • Annual control

  • Survey multi dicipline

  • Installation & hook-up

  • Instrumentation

  • Hpu / accumulator skid

  • Pump units / filter units

  • Fire & gas control panels

  • Purge panels

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Roxel HVAC will make an optimal design for your required function. Latest regulations are followed to secure the required climate at the work sites. We will tailor design for existing plants as well as new projects. The range is for all types of HVAC systems such as:

  • Living Quarters

  • Galley HVAC and Extract

  • Shaker ventilation

  • Utility modules ventilation

  • Office modules

  • Refrigeration systems

  • Chilled water systems

  • Sea water systems

Our engineers have experience in all phases of design. Roxel HVAC also performs 3rd party verification to various rules and regulations.

Features & Benefits

  • Multidisciplinary engineering expertise

  • Engineering contractor for some of the world’s top companies

  • Highly-experienced professionals

  • Project execution and engineering services for offshore projects worldwide

  • Project and engineering managers with extensive experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf and international oil&gas projects

  • Local and NORSOK expertise

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